Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy

At the Summertown Tennis Club we align ourselves with the Child Protection policy as outlined by the Australian Sports Commission [ASC] and  to meet the obligations of Childs Protection Act 1993.


The Summertown Tennis Club encourages the development of tennis players and related officials within the local area. As such, this policy aims to provide a framework that creates an environment that maximises child safety, through appropriate background screening, and awareness and management practices for both employees and external providers involved within our club.

Principles   [taken from the ASC policy]

  • Children have a fundamental right to be safe from any form of abuse or neglect which applies to their involvement in sport. Protecting children  involves legal as well as universal moral obligations.
  • Child protection is the responsibility of all Summertown Tennis Club coaches  and members, especially if they are the key providers of services  towards children or the conduct of activities involving children.
  • The Summertown Tennis Club is committed to supporting and assisting employees and members in providing and maintaining a safe environment for children.

Policy Statement

  • All members, coaches and volunteers of the Summertown Tennis Club who are likely to be working with children, will be required to obtain and maintain appropriate national criminal records history check, through a recognised reporting authority.
  • Members, coaches and volunteers who are to be working with children, are not permitted to have unsupervised involvement with children under any circumstances, until the history check has been obtained and sighted by the Summertown Tennis Club authorities. The club must ensure that duties must be conducted in the presence of an authorised coach until the history check has been obtained.

All Summertown Tennis Club coaches and child protection safety officers are expected to commit to providing protection to children and this requires:

  • awareness of the relevant legislation and policy requirements for dealing with children;
  • a commitment to practices that minimises the risks to children;

Where child abuse is alleged or suspected:

  • the matter must be reported to the Summertown Tennis Club child protection officer;
  • immediate steps must be taken to remove the real or potential threat to the child/children;
  • mandatory notification to be made as soon as practicable if appropriate;
  • the matter may be reported to the police.

Our Club’s Child Safety Officer is Jess Lang – refer to Management Committee page for contact details.