We are very proud of our 5 junior teams and wish them all the best for Season 2019-20.

PROGRAMS for our Summertown Junior teams Season 2019-20 are:

Div 1 Boys
Div 2 Boys
Div 4 Boys
Div 8 Boys
Green Ball Div 1

You can search ALL team & ALL competition programs and ladders online here: HTA Fixtures & Ladders.

JUNIOR SEASON DATES – there are 14 rounds/weeks in the Junior 2019-20 Season, which are:

  • Start Fri 18 October/Sat 19 October to Fri 13 December/Sat 14 December.
    Re-start Fri 31 January/Sat 1 February to Fri 28 February/Sat 29 February.
  • Semi Finals: Fri 13 March and Sat 14 March (1v4, 2v3)
  • Grand Final:  Fri 20 March and Sat 21 March.

2 Week finals is a new initiative in line with other Associations.
No more Friday night semi’s for Saturday competition.
No matches Adelaide Cup Long weekend (9/3/19).
Finals to start after the long weekend.
Finishing 3 weeks before Easter (12/4/19 – 14/4/19).

COACHING – all Coaching session for Season 2019-20 are on Tuesday evenings beginning 15 October 2019. Refer to the COACHING page for more details. All Junior tennis fees include one coaching session per week.


HTA Rules of Match and Play 2019-20

MATCH FORMAT – Yellow Ball 2019-20 – TBC

MATCH FORMAT – Green Ball 2019-20 – TBC

Why low-compression balls are perfect for 10 & under players – PARENTS of children aged 10 and under – this is a great diagram to help understand the theory of use of lower compression balls for smaller children i.e. red, orange and green balls.


  • Red Ball (mixed) – players aged 6 & under as at 30 September of the current season. One coaching session per week during the tennis season.
  • Orange ball (mixed) – players aged 8 & under as at 30 September of the current season. This is a modified competition. No player aged 6 and under is permitted to play without an ‘Exceptional Talent Permit’.
  • Green ball (mixed) – players aged 10 & under as at 30 September of the current season. Players aged 10 and under cannot play in the yellow ball competition without an ‘Exceptional Talent Permit’. These divisions play finals. Match Format – first to 6 games win.
  • Yellow ball (boys & girls separate) – players aged 17 & under as at 30 September of the current season.
  • Permits may be applied for

Tennis Fee information for STC can be found on the Player Information webpage.